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About us

About Us

The company was formed in 2000 and has grown manifolds from then to now. We aim at helping students in every possible manner so that overseas education is not a distant dream for them but a reality. With the world becoming a global hub, integration of economies and globalisation, overseas education has become the need of the hour for many aspiring students. We aim at bridging the gap in what you have and what you can achieve. We are associated with some of the most reputed government funded institutes in the UK. Each and every student enrolled with us is given utmost importance and the counsellors shortlist the course and the university depending on the personal goals and choices of the student. More and more educational institutions from Europe, Australia and the US are approaching us for sending students to their colleges and universities but so far we are very pleased to be associated with promoting higher education from UK in India. We are also proud to be associated with the British Council in India and are closely involved with the British High Commission as well.

In today's competitive environment overseas education has become a common feature.

More and more students want to pursue their education from some of the top universities around the globe. We strive at providing whatever it takes for students to attain great heights. We provide unending guidance and support to students so that it is easier for them to make the correct decision about which country to choose, which course to opt for and most important which university to apply. We provide information regarding higher education in several countries –UK, USA, Singapore, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and Malaysia. The other services that we offer are Counselling, Visa Application and Processing, Admission Guidance, Exam Preparation, Pre-Departure and Post Arrival Support, Foreign Exchange, Accommodation etc.
Our team of experienced and able counsellors aim at providing solutions to all the apprehensions that a student has before taking such an important decision. Career counselling, admission guidance and support at every step helps students fulfil their ambitions and make a strong beginning to a professional career. Counsellors have studied and worked abroad and are aware of the intricacies of the business. There is a plethora of courses and universities but out of that big bunch which one would suit you best is a tough choice and we help you in making that choice. So carve a pathway to success and while you walk on that path we are with you to see you making your dream into reality.

Our Strength

When a student decides to pursue their higher education in a foreign country there are a thousand questions that are running through their mind. It is a long process and if you have a support system who gives you the correct guidance at every step then the destination seems to be much closer. After you have made the decision, we will be more than happy to help you with all the formalities. Higher education is always an asset and would help you climb the ladder of success much easily. But for that you need to set your goals correctly. Choose a course that suits your personal interest and would be beneficial in the long run and not something that your friend is opting for. We help you make the correct decision based on what your interests and personal choices are. Considering the era of technology and cut throat competition, the need of the hour is specialized and professional education to keep in sync with the modern times. Keeping in mind these factors the education system and the courses are also undergoing an evolution. Universities around the globe are now focussing on imparting modern learning in the form of practical knowledge to the students. We provide professional and technical counselling to assess the students so that they enrol for the right course. Promotion of cultural activities and relations among universities and colleges in the UK with those in India is also what we look at. Many students work while they pursue they higher education, as a matter of fact you are allowed to work 20 hours a week and full time during your vacations in UK. Relaxing employment regulation makes it easier for students to combine studies and their part time or full time job. We help you get connected with international societies that look after the needs of international students. Help with suitable accommodation, visa processing, scholarships/discounts, bank loans, foreign exchange, pre-departure and post landing services including meet/greet arrangements and our very personal touch are some of the other features that make us stand apart from the crowd of overseas education consultancies.