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Singapore is a hub of multi cultures. The economy is highly stable and the standards of living are quite high. Singapore has a mix of western and eastern influence thus is a perfect blend of different cultures, religions and ethnic groups thriving in a modern environment that is well connected with its roots.

Benefits of studying in Singapore –

  • Great infrastructure and accessibility
  • Cost of education is comparatively lower than other countries
  • Undergraduate and post graduate courses are offered through partnership with universities from UK, Australia, and USA etc.
  • Students are rewarded for their excellence and hard work and there is no discrimination made on the bases of nationality, religion etc

Living in Singapore –

Chinese, Malays, Indians and Asians live harmoniously in Singapore and have made a unique identity for themselves. It is a very open economy thus international students get a great opportunity to interact with other students from various parts of the world and gain a new perspective to life. It provides a highly safe environment for everyone;the standard of living is one of the highest in the world; varied choice of accommodation and state of the art medical and educational facilities.

Work Rights in Singapore –

Students are permitted to work during the term and if they wish to work during their vacations then they are given a special Work Pass. Students can work part time for up to 16 hours a week during the term and during vacations there is no such regulation.