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The United States of America is one of the most preferred destinations for higher education among students. There are 4276 institutions in the US out of which 1700 universities offer Master Degree & Ph. D and 1700 Universities offer Bachelor Degree. The education system in the US is one of the strongest. Child education is compulsory. Education is provided at three levels – federal, state, and local.

Benefits of studying in the US –

  • US degrees are considered highly prestigious and are respected all over the world
  • It has highest standards of education especially in the field of technology
  • There is a course for each one of you, it seems as if the education system has a tailor made course keeping in mind the different interests of students
  • The government, public and private sectors help students and even fund their research projects
  • Students receive scholarship and stipends while they pursue higher education and are completing their research.

Living in the US –

While students are most interested in gaining higher education from the top universities, they are also keen on the cultural side of the country. Most colleges and universities allow students to work part time while studying which helps students take care of their expenses. Financial assistance is also provided to students based on their academic performance and excellence. It is a great platform for students to indulge in interaction with students from various cultures, backgrounds and religions.

Work Rights in the US –

  • International students do not require a work permit to work on campus
  • There are permitted to work 20 hours a week, on or off campus
  • For working off campus students require a special international work permit that is available after the first academic year
  • During vacations international students are permitted to work for unlimited number of hours on campus